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Porcine collagen, Pork collagen, Pig skin collagen, Collagen Powder, Pork Protein powder & Hydrolytic collagen

Porcine collagen, Pork collagen, Pig skin collagen, Collagen Powder, Pork Protein powder & Hydrolytic collagen
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Protein > 92.35% White flowing powder Molecular Weight 2300Da Certificate: HACCP, ISO, MSDS Fast delivery


Porcine collagen

1.Physiologic function and basic facts of hydrolytic collagen:

Collagen is the richest protein content in the body. It is abundant in proline, hydroxy proline,and has a high anti-tension property, forming the most important structural material of the skin, skeleton, cartilage, tendon, ligament, and blood vessels. The product hydrolytic collagen is made of raw-cattlehide and raw pigskin through pretreatment and biodegradation of the collagen with biological enzyme, to form micromolecular collagen polypeptide, with a mean molecular weight of less than 3000. It contains the total amino-acids, and has the advantages of good nutritive value, high absorption, water solubility, dispersive stability and moist-retention quality.

2.Distinguishing feature of the product:

A. Good nutritive value: In addition to the 18 kinds of amino-acids, the product also contains rich characteristic collagen amino-acids-hydroxy-proline and hydroxy lysine, to nourish and supply amino-acids for the tissues, regulating the physiological function.B. Readily to be digested and absorbed in the body:The product hydrolyzed collagen polypeptide is micro-molecular polypeptide, appearing as linear structure. It has been proved experimentally that the protein is absorbed in the body in the form of peptide, and not protein or amino acids; the micro-molecular peptide in the hydrolyzed collagen can be absorbed directly, with an absorption rate of 95%-100%.C. High water solubility: Protein polypeptide substance contains abundant hydrophilic group on account of its polypeptide, increasing the solubility in the water, to form a light yellow transparent solution with pH 5-6.5 after dissolved in the water.D. Good processing property: The product has a mild property with low heat sensitivity. The water solution of the product is stable. It has good compatibility, and is suitable to be used as an additive agent. It has no unpleasant smell and no stimulative flavor.E. Exceptional safety: The use of animal skins directly for the material has the advantage of avoiding the destruction of the biological activity during the high temperature frying process of the glue. The product is up to the light industrial products standard--Hydrolytic collagen QB 2732-2005, for the safety limitation index. It has no sulfur dioxide and no superoxide residue.

The application and partial function of hydrolytic collagen

1. Application in foodHydrolytic collagen has been used widely in food industry as protein nutritive source, raising the nutritive value. It could be used in meat products and condiment products to improve the flavor and the taste, and in beverage to increase the emulsification stability.The micro-molecular collagen polypeptide in the hydrolytic collagen has the action of protecting the gastric mucous membrane, anti-ulceration, inhibiting hypertension, enhancing immunity, promoting the collagen metabolism in the skin and skeleton, protecting the joints and preventing osteoporosis. It has been used in the development of many healthcare and nutritive food products and noteworthily formed mature market in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

2. Application in cosmetics Collagen occupies more than 70% of the protein content in cutaneous cells. Losing collagen from cutancous tissue may result in aging and reduction of elasticity of the skin characterized by the appearance of wrinkles and stains in the skin; likewise, the nutritive and repairing action of the animal origin skin hydrolytic collagen is increasing interest to the beauty culture.A. Nutritive and reparative action: Oral administration and external application of the hydrolytic collagen can promote the growth of the dermis and repairing of the skin fibrous structure, achieving the aim of lubricating, anti-aging and soothing the wrinkle of the skin.B. Moist-retention action: Hydrolytic collagen contains abundant hydrophilic groups (amino-group, hydroxyl group and carboxy group), which can form reticular structure with the water in the horny layer, accelerating the blood circulation in the skin and moistening the skin.C. Fair-shinned action: Hydrolytic collagen has the effect of inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, reducing the melanin formation,remedying the dark and gloomy appearance to achieve a light-complexioned effect.

3. Application in fine fodder

As a concentrated animal protein additive agent, hydrolytic collagen has been used in some fine fodder with good results. The use of hydrolytic collagen in aquaculture feed may improve the granulation effect which raise the availability of the feed and reduce the water pollution.




Porcine collagen, Pork collagen, Pig skin collagen, Collagen Powder, Pork Protein powder & Hydrolytic collagen

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